You're absolutely fantastic Mike!

- Intuit CEO

Mike knows everything about Quickbooks and Xero. He even taught me a lot of things in Quickbook and Xero.

- Dih Tayamen, Xero Certified Partner

Stoked to finally meet our angriest fan @MikeBlockCPA, who often SENDS ME EMAILS IN CAPS. Hi Mike

- Rod Drury @roddrury, former Xero CEO

Glowing Welcome
Brad later said, "You're fantastic Mike! Absolutely fantastic!"

- Brad Smith, Intuit CEO

"Your feedback and insight are more important than what I think... Keep raising hell when Intuit does something wrong" after my successful protest of a big price increase.

- Steve Bennett, Former Intuit CEO

Ran Intuit ProSeries and TurboTax divisions. Put me on the ProSeries Customer Advisory Council and got me September 2007 Accounting Technology magazine cover for Secrets of Outsourcing.

- Sasan Goodzari, Intuit CEO

"Thank you Mike!!!!! Great job, can we clone you??? THANKS so much for being a stellar expert. You were awesome. You are the only expert that answered ALL questions. We took your advice and will add your error page. We will use your other web content later".

- Scott Wilder, former QuickBooks Community Group Manager, Ask the Expert creator

"That's terrific! What a milestone! (about my http://QuickBooks-add-ons.com) It once had more traffic than Intuit add-on site). Twice put me on the charter QuickBooks ProAdvisor Customer Advisory Council.

- Rich Walker, former Intuit Director, Accountant & Advisor Relations

I have known Mike for over 40 years. We have worked together providing Accounting and QuickBooks Consulting services to many small businesses in South Florida. Mike brings superior knowledge of QuickBooks, Accounting, and Taxes to the table. His knowledge of QuickBooks and Tax Cutting is amazing. He is the most knowledgeable person

- Amy Bergey, The QuickBooks Guru