QuickBooks Company File and Reports

Here is my standard simple QuickBooks company file.

It include a charts of accounts, TurboTax tax line codes for an S corporation, a powerful collection of report groups and a some standard suppliers and journal entries. The reports use Last Fiscal Year and This Fiscal Year, in lieu of specific dates, so they update automatically. The Accountant group Detail report does not include a filter to restrict it to accounts of particular interest because you cannot export report restricted to specific accounts. You should set this filter the first time you use it. Then Modify Report, and Memorize, Replace It does arrange the detail in each account by payee, so you can see the significance of repeated charges (sorry, it can only subtotal by payee and account if you have one account).

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This File Includes: Year End; Accountant; Monthly Current; Monthly Prior; Accountant Current; Accountant Last Month Quarter; Trust Group; or all together.